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High Quality Used Refrigeration Equipment

If you want to purchase used, high quality refrigeration equipment at an affordable price, we have what you’re looking for at Dakota Refrigeration. Our used equipment is backed by a guarantee, and most parts are in stock.

Let our knowledgeable and professional staff help you get what you need for your refrigerator today.

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New and Used Equipment

Anthony Doors Replacement Door For Zero Zone29 7/8″x62 13/16″ Low Temp ReversableNEW 
Anthony Doors Replacement Door For Tyler Case29 7/8″x60 5/8″ Low Temp ReversableNEW 
Anthony Doors Replacement Door For Tyler Case29 7/8″x60 5/8″ Low Temp ReversableNEW 
Anthony Doors (15) Model 101x Normal Temp Doors w/3 Smart Energy Controllers30″x75″ Cooler Door Only  
Bohn Pkg. Unit MT/LT W/ EvapADT070 & LET120  
Captive Air DU22HFA Upblase Exhaust Fan21×21 1/3HP 115VNEW 
Carlyle Compressor06EY775-34ARP 208/230 3ph  
Copeland6KAMB-005A-IAA11H 66196R  
Copeland32M4FL 0033 IAA 2007Low 404A 1/3 hp 1390@ -10  
Copeland58M4FF-0080-IAV s/n 13AD1922UR404A, 3880@-10 Evap., 208-230/1  
Copeland10N2NL-0300-TACLAHA-032E-TAC       09L62531  
Copeland60FFAP-017Z-TFC-072R404A   13,100@+25    3ph  
Copeland56ZS13KAE-TFC MT R404a208-230/3NEW 
Copeland61ZR54K5E-PFV Scroll Compressor208-230/1NEW 
Copeland62RST55C1ECAV NEW 
Danfoss63SC12MLX Compressor R404A115V DelfieldNEW 
Int. Cold Storage Outdoor Cond Unit 208/230 3PHPWH120H22EP R-22  
Heatcraft Evaporator Med. TempLSC120AK 12,000 BTUNEW 
Heatcraft Top Mount IndoorMed. Temp r-22 208/230v 3ph  
Heatcraft Evaporator Med TempADT070BBCN6MJ  
  Evaporator Low TemperatureLET120BEWMC6K  
  Condensing Unit Dual CircuitFor Above Evaporators  
Heatcraft Evaporator Low TemperatureBME390DA  
Heatcraft TAK30AG Coated 3,000 BTU 115vThin Profile Air Defrost  
Heatcraft M05010M63CT09  
Heatcraft Condensing UnitHCH0005MBACZA 208/230vNEW 
Heatcraft EvaporatorHEL0095AS6AEANEW 
Heatcraft EvaporatorLCA6185AEQRC6BNEW 
Heatcraft Condensing Unit Low Temp.CCH0060LCACZC0803NEW 
Heatcraft (2) LCA6160AEB   
Hill Phoenix OMZ 4′ Frozen Food Coffin Case   
Keeprite (2) Evaporator Air Defrost 115vKLP532MAS1B-KETE63  
Krowne KR18-32L Underbar 2 Compartment Sink36″x19″, 10x14x10 Bowls, 12″ Drian Board  
Larkin CZT045L6CFT06  
Perfect Fry PFC 5700115v  
Russell MLH315L44ER404 3ph LT  
Russell AE36-140B208v 1ph  
Scotsman 500lb Ice MachineMC0530SA-1NEW 
Scotsman 500lb Ice BinB530PSNEW 
Scotsman HID Ice/Water Dispenser StandHID312 StandNEW 
Scotsman Undercounter FlakerUF2020A-1 20″ Wide 216lb Production Per 24hr  
Tecumseh CompressorAE4440A-AA1A R-12 115v  
Tecumseh AKA9462ZXDR404a 208/230v 1phNEW 
True Plate Glass Chiller/FrosterT-36-GC  
True CoolerT-23-HC-LH$2,600 
True FreezerT-49F-HC$5,300 
True Glass Door Merchandiser FreezerGDM-49F-HC-LD-BLK$5,500 
True Glass Door Merchandiser CoolerGDM-23-HC-LH$6,760 
True Glass Door Merchandiser FreezerGDM-23F-HC-BLK  
True Salad/Sandwich units/pizza prepGDM-49F-HC-LD-BLK$4,475 
True Salad/Sandwich units/pizza prepTSSU-48-12-HC$2,970 
True Salad/Sandwich units/pizza prepTSSU-48-12-HC$3,350 
True Salad/Sandwich units/pizza prepTSSU-60-24MB-ST-HC$4,450 
True Worktop unitTWT27F-HC$2,000 
True Worktop unitTWT27-HC$1,750 
True Undercounter unitTUC-27-HC$1,700 
True Undercounter unitTUC-27F-HC$1,900 
True Glass Froster/chillerT-36-GC-HC BLK$2,380 
True Horizontal bottle/back bar coolerTD-50-18-HC$2,300 
True Horizontal bottle/back bar coolerTD-65-24-HC$2,550 
True Horizontal bottle/back bar coolerTBB-24GAL-60-HC$2,930 
WIC Sandwich DoorRough Opening 36 1/2″ x 78 1/2″  
WIC Sandwich DoorRough Opening 32 3/8″ x 74 3/4″  
Witt Outdoor Condensing Unit208/230v 3ph PWH015H22E R-22  
Zero Zone UNR22   
Zero Zone Low Temp Glass Doors   
Zero Zone 6′ Med Temp Open CaseWith Outdoor Unit  
Climate Control Med Temp Evap Air Def115v 1ph 15,600BTU (4) AvailableNEW 
Climate Control Low Temp Evap Elect Def208/230v 1ph 6,500BTUNEW 
Climate Control Low Temp Cond Unit208/230 3ph 8,300BTU (4) AvailableNEW 
Climate Control Low Temp Cond Unit208/230 1ph 11,000BTUNEW 
Gree VIR24HP230V1BH Heat Pump2Ton Wall Mount 208/230v 1ph R410ANEW 
Gree VIR24HP230V1BO Cond Unit2Ton 208/230v 1ph R410ANEW 
Gree UMAT48HP230V1AO Cond Unit4Ton 208/230v 1ph R410ANEW 
Larkin Med Temp Evap Air Def230v 1ph 7,200BTUNEW 
Larkin Med Temp EvapInstalled 404A Expansion ValveNEW